Bye George! See yah later

OEF! last week we had a week off to relax a little bit and recharge our batteries. So no school, no assignments, no tasks, all fun no games and loooool right wait for it.

So easter was coming nearby and 3 of my roommates decided that they would go to Cape Town for a week to go on a real holiday. Max and I decided to stay in George because we both wanted to work for school so we could just FINALLY finish our assignments or at least make a good attempt haha

The weekend started. Friday I dropped my friends off at the KFC where they would be picked up by a bus that drives to George every now and then. It was at 6 in the morning so I actually just went back to bed when I came home hehe. Afterwards Max and I worked for school the whole day and went to the supermarket. Really weird to be with just 2 people when you are used to living with 4 or 5 after two months but it was actually really relaxing.

The first weekend flew by as we went on like some kind of beach stroll as we call it in Belgium…

oh oh ow

Mollo! Is Xhosa for ‘Hello’. This is one of the many things I have learned this week. Though my Xhosa is still a little bit rusty (loool liar liar pants on fire) I had a very exciting and renewing week in South-Africa.

We started our week at Ithemba Lobomi. Ithemba Lobomi is an organisation with multiple CEO’s who work in Thembaletu. Thembaletu is a community that enclosures 9 zones where A LOT of people live in. It’s also referred to as a ‘Township’, Something that will sound familiar to a lot of you. The things I saw this week were so touching that I can’t even describe them on paper. I always block my emotions away because I know that otherwise I will just take it home. Call me a little bit hypocrite because I only want to see the beautiful things in life but I just find it hard to see all the suffering and not be able to change it. The people of Ithemba Lobomi really try and do their best but the circumstances in Thembaletu are so bad that they often just don’t find the people they…

Sunny side up

Good God I realised this week that I've been in South Africa for a whole month now... Time seriously flies when you are having fun BUT I also started realising that I'm missing my friends really badly... All the stories, the gossip, the dates, just laughing really loud and feeling completely comfortable in my own happy Belgian life.That's why this week was a little bit harder for me because I don't want people to see me unhappy and sad... it does make me feel good that I can just talk about this with my roommates but still I would rather not think about it at all...

Btw another fun fact for the people who know me and my shitty MacBook -> the charger died a few days ago so JEEJ no more schoolwork and Papers for me to write (lol would love it when this counts as a legit reason to just skip al the assignments but nope)

On the other side...
I finished my last days on ICU and I would like to thank the team because they were very warm and they didn't make me feel as a…

shit just got real

Whoops few days too late with the 3rd blog but I worked 12 hour shifts for the first time in my life so I'm a little bit dead'isch now... Please will someone massage my back and feet???

We (Charlotte and I) started our internship last week as nurses at the George Hospital. We got introduced to our ward and the team we would work with. This was really comforting because I got really nervous. It's a whole new country with a different work environment we had to get used to. The team on ICU was really welcoming and they are still doing their best to make everything very clear to me. Most of the nurses and the patients speak Afrikaans so sometimes it was hard to figure out what the doctors and nurses were talking about but when they speak very slowly I can understand them. Though they now that I don't mind them speaking Afrikaans because I want to learn the language a little bit, they try to speak as much english as possible.

The first days were really heavy, as well menta…


03/03/2019 - 08/03/2019

Although the past two weeks in Cape Town were really lovely, I was looking forward to start my journey to George. I am much more a country girl than a city girl so I didn't really mind the change of scenery. Charlotte and I left our hosthouse on the 3rd of march together with Max and Terri at 8h00 in the morning. We said our goodbyes to the rest but made sure that we would still see each other and keep in touch.

I know that I will really miss the people I met in Cape Town because I like them a lot. I've built up a good bond with a few of them and I find it a pithy that we don't have more time to spend with the Belgian, Dutch, Finnish and South African students. It was only two weeks but when you stay in a foreign country with non of your usual friends you quickly get attached to the ones you meet.

BUT luckily for me I'm in George now with 3 people I really like and we have a really good vibe (at least I think so hahaha). I already feel at home …

Hello Cape Town

16/02/2019 - 03/03/2019

Our journey in South Africa started in Cape Town two weeks ago. We arrived at the airport at 23h00 (more or less) when we got our first news: Charlotte's baggage was lost (hahaha). Luckily the two people who came to pick us up were really really friendly and helped us with everything. We sorted things out at the baggage claim and started our trip to our host family.

Our host family was a married couple together with their cute dog "Storm". They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home immediately. They were really open and let us taste the real african food (which btw is very spicy).

The rest of the two weeks flew by and we actually forgot to write everything down so now we're trusting on our brain to reminisce our memories. Our program started at CPUT, a university college in CT, where we met al the other students from South Africa, Finland and the Netherlands. We got a lot of information from all kinds of doctors and lecturers abo…